Kids’ Chores

We started having a chore chart a few weeks ago.  Before this time, we would just ask our kids to do certain things when we needed them to.  I was just feeling overwhelmed and really feeling like everyone (except the baby) should be helping more. So, thanks to Confessions of a Homeschooler, we used their chore chart as a jumping off point.

This is how we are using the chart, right now, (it will probably change in the future).  I put the cards in the slots and those are the chores that they should get done that day.  When they are done completing a chore, they flip the card over.  I then go through (whenever I have time, that day or some time that week) and put “tickets” in their slots for the number of chores that they did satisfactorily!  Then usually on Saturday night or Sunday morning we take out all of their “tickets” and we count them.  I then take some tickets away because I want our kids to know that they need to do chores because they are a part of a family and because we are introducing the world of income tax to them!  Then after everyone has their tickets, they take turns exchanging their tickets for things out of the treasure box!

Inside the treasure box we have a myriad of things.  It varies as to what is in it, but here are some things you might find:

  • lots of “coupons” (fun with Daddy, fun with Mommy, more TV time, & more video game time)
  • quarters
  • candy
  • hair bows
  • tape
  • markers
  • crayons
  • cereal box toys

They all go after the “coupons” first, so we have to make sure that they only redeem one ticket at a time, otherwise, the first child takes all the coupons!  Each ticket can be redeemed for one item in the treasure box.  If they choose to get quarters, then we get out their FPU Jr. envelopes and they have to split their quarters up in the envelopes.  They first put money in give, then in save, then they put their spending money in the FPU Jr. coin pouch!  The coin pouch is also where they hold their “coupons.”

The chores that I currently have cards for are:

  • wiping down the table
  • wiping down the gate
  • sorting the silverware
  • dustbusting the floor
  • sorting laundry
  • putting away clothes
  • take out the trash
  • pick up room
  • pick up playroom
  • clean craft area
  • wipe down toilet
  • fold towels
  • help Mommy (I really like these because I either just have the children do something that needs to be done: clean mirror, wipe down the sink, etc.  OR I use it as a way to teach them a new chore that I will be expecting them to do soon on their own!)

This system is working for us right now, but like I mentioned, we will be changing it.  I want to add a list of extra chores that they can do strictly for money, that way they learn more about the harder you work, the more money you get (usually), but I haven’t made this a priority yet!  I really like having a chore chart because it lets everyone know (even my husband) how they can help me out!  For the first few weeks that we implemented this, I was actually gone a lot in the evenings, so my husband was able to supervise the children doing their chores and it was great!

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How do you have your kids do chores at your house?

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