Honored to Love


I know I am probably preaching to the choir and I know that my words will fall short, but I honestly don’t think there are words strong enough to portray how much I LOVE my children.  I mean, I am truly HONORED to be their mommy!  I do feel like I have the best kids in the world and feel so blessed that they are in my life!  They truly make my life a beautiful thing!

I love my children so much and I love them because they are here.

I love them because they are who they are.

I love them because they are precious.

I love them because they are smart.

I love them because they are adorable.

And mostly, I love them because they are mine!

The Bible says that a mother’s love is the closest love that we feel that is the most like God’s, however, even a mother’s love still falls short of God’s love for us.  Can you imagine?  A bit overwhelming!  I can somewhat understand how God can love my children more than I can, but to think that he loves me the same, I don’t know if I will ever be able to grasp that concept.  On the other hand, He really must love me, because, He did in fact, give me the most wonderful blessings in this entire world.

He entrusted to me these wonderful children that I love more than life itself!

He has given me the best thing in the entire world!

He made my dream come true!

He gave me the most beautiful things in this world.

He gave me my children and I will forever be grateful for this amazing gift!

A wonderful, heart wrenching, and most difficult gift of all; the gift of motherhood.



Blessed sung by Martina McBride

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About Carolynn

I am a teacher turned stay at home mom to five children. I have a passion for helping parents be better parents and strive to help make life easier for them. Join me on my journey!
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