L&L Uh Oh Song

Well my baby is officially a toddler now!  He is into everything, he’s learned how to move blockades to get to things he’s not supposed to be in!  So, the past week has been a non stop party of the “Uh Oh” song!  Every time he gets into something that he isn’t supposed to be in, I pick him up and whisk him away to his crib all while singing “Uh Oh, so sad!”  The first couple of days this is all I accomplished, I was putting him in his crib at least five times within a thirty minute time period!  Not the most fun, but I’m now starting to see the fruits of my labor!  Now when he gets into something I look at him with my stern “Mommy eyes” and I say, “That’s an Uh Oh!”  I would say that about 80% of the time he pauses, thinks about it, and then usually will turn away and do something that’s appropriate.  There are some things that he just thinks is so much fun that he will ignore my warning, like the Wii remotes!  🙂
When I first heard of this I didn’t really like it because I thought that it might confuse a child and make bedtime harder. This has not been the case at all! I think that having a solid bedtime routine before starting this is vital. Also, kids really are smarter than we give them credit for (most of the time) and he knows the difference between time out and bedtime!

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Has the Uh Oh song worked for you?

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