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I thought this was a really good book, especially if you are having specific problems in your marriage.  I thought it was easy to read and I feel that you could get a lot out of reading just a few of the chapters.  I really got a lot out of the Reality Living section.  In this section, Dr. Gary Chapman stresses that our emotions do not control our actions and that our actions are more important than our emotions.



An Honest Look at Divorce

Reality Living

The Power of Love

Understanding the Hidden Self

The Irresponsible Spouse

The Workaholic Spouse

The Controlling Spouse

The Uncommunicative Spouse

The Verbally Abusive Spouse

The Physically Abusive Spouse

The Sexually Abused/Abusive Spouse

The Unfaithful Spouse

The Alcoholic/Drug Abusing Spouse

The Depressed Spouse




  • Trouble is inevitable, but misery is optional.” 36
  • To acknowledge your imperfections does not mean you’re a failure; it is rather to admit that you’re human. 44
  • “We are attracted to those who have strengths in the areas where we are weak.  These differences, however, often tend to annoy us once we are married.” 65-66
  • Forgiveness is a promise: “I will no longer hold that against you.”


Visit Gary Chapman‘s website.


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