Teaching Emotions Intro


When I taught preschool, the unit after learning how to act at school, was emotions.

I felt that it was very important to talk about feelings and how to deal with our emotions in a positive manner.



  1. Read the book, The Way I Feel by Jana Cain
  2. Go back through the book and talk about each emotion and what situations can make us feel the same way
  3. Play emotional charades with the kids (whisper an emotion in their ear and have them act it out)
  4. Talk about their “homework” (I would send home a note asking parents to “people watch” with their child and ask the child questions (What does their face show? Do they like what they are doing?  How can you tell? etc)
  5. Read the book again and ask the children to show the emotion on their face

Teaching emotions is very important.  That way when a child gets upset they are more likely to be able to define and communicate their feelings.  They are more likely to say, “I’m angry” or “I’m sad.”



This if one of my favorite kids books.

It rhymes!

I like the colorful illustrations.

I like the different emotions it covers (silly, scared, disappointed, happy, sad, angry, thankful, frustrated (love this one), shy, bored, excited, jealous, and proud).

I also like the note to parents at the end which includes some good activities/discussions to have with your child about emotion and how to handle them.


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