Love For A Lifetime


This book was very different than I thought it would be.  This book is intended for engaged or newly married couples.  It states before seven years of marriage.  However, I really loved the way the book looked.  The pictures were nice and it has a very luxurious feel to it.  I think this would make a perfect gift for a Bridal Shower or even a great wedding gift.  I also think this book would make a great “coffee table” book.


Although my husband and I will be married for eight years this June, I did find some useful and helpful information and reminders in the book.  This book was a very easy, quick and enjoyable read.



  1. Newlywed Games
  2. Eyes Wide Open
  3. Vive la Difference
  4. Body to Body, Soul to Soul
  5. Fundamentals of a Christian Marriage
  6. Money: The Great Mischief-Maker
  7. The Marriage Killers
  8. Just Passing Through
  9. Marriage Resources  (Ideas for Anniversary Getaways, Ideas for Anniversary Conversation Starters, Recommended Books)


I did put many of the recommended books on my book list!



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