Mashed Cauliflower aka “Mush”

paleo mashed cauliflower

Thanks Paleo Spirit for the picture and recipe!

I’m going to be honest and say that this Paleo diet takes some getting used too!

I’ve never been a big fan of cauliflower, ever.  I love mashed potatoes!

However, when my doctor said that I really need to eat cauliflower, my stomach churned, yuck!  ;p

Hesitantly, I looked up cauliflower recipes and found this one.

Now, I have a pressure cooker, but not one of the steamer baskets to go in it, so I just cut up the cauliflower (which isn’t all that easy the first time) and put it in a big pot of water (just like I do when I make mashed potatoes).  When it was done cooking, I drained it and put it in our smoothie maker blender .  This worked, but not very well.  It was a little soupy, but I bet that’s because of the way I cooked the cauliflower and because I didn’t think until now to look in the International section of the grocery store for canned coconut milk, so I just used Silk Coconut Milk.

Now I wasn’t home when he had this for dinner, but I did manage to eat before I left and before the others sat down to eat.  (I didn’t tell them what it was, so they called it “mush” and the name has stuck! 😉

And much to my amazement, this stuff is GOOD!  I like it BETTER than mashed potatoes! (The texture is a little weird!)

Here is my two year old son’s reaction (disclaimer: getting this kid to eat any vegetable is a chore and almost impossible!)

My husband said that he just couldn’t get enough of the mush!  He even went around and cleaned his siblings plates of their left over mush!

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