Day One



  1. listen to songs #17 & 18 on Critters Colors & Clouds
  2. read pages 36-39 in Senses (Kingfisher Young Knowledge)
  3. tell the students that we are going to do a fun activity
  4. do experiment on pages 46 & 47  in Senses (Kingfisher Young Knowledge)
  5. pass out cubes
  6. model gluing on the different square textures (make sure to emphasize how much glue to use)
  7. pass out materials and instruct the kids to glue the textures onto their cube
  8. talk about how each texture feels
  9. collect cubes and set aside and allow to dry
  10. review the 5 senses



Day Two




    1. Play songs #17 & 18 on Critters Colors & Clouds CD
    2. read You Touch With Your Fingers and Touching (Rookie Read-About Health)
    3. make a class list of things we can touch/feel on the white board (draw a picture and label it with one word)
    4. continue #3 until everyone has had the chance to share their idea
    5. pass out the senses books
    6. model turning to the hand page, model drawing and labeling
    7. instruct the children to do the same
    8. when the children are finished, have them bring their book to you to check
    9. review the 5 senses



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