Do You Need to be a Money Making Mom?


Do you need to be a Money Making Mom?

Our society says that we always need more.  More will bring us happiness, more will bring us status, more will fulfill us.  However, this isn’t always (hardly ever) true!  (Watch my scope on Chapter 8 of this book HERE) Maybe you really don’t need more!  Maybe just making a point to be grateful for what you have and where you are will be enough.  But how do you know?


Know Your WHY

Take the time to really sit down and reflect.  Why do you have the desire to obtain more money?

Is it just to obtain more stuff?  In the intro Crystal says. ” Money doesn’t buy happiness.  Money doesn’t equal fulfillment.  Money doesn’t solve your emotional problems.  Money doesn’t give you purpose.”  I love that last part, “Money doesn’t give you purpose!”  In my Discovering Christ class at church, they had a quote by Jim Carey.  He says “I wish everyone would be rich and famous, so that they would know that it’s not the answer” [to happiness and fulfillment].  So, so true!

Is your desire to have more money just to survive?  Is it a necessity or just a buffer?  A little wiggle room in a budget is a God-send!  Buffer can alleviate a lot of stress and just give you more breathing room.  As Crystal mentions, “Financial freedom has a lot to do with cultivating a deeper perspective of life, a shift in priorities, and a greater significance in your purpose than you may have ever thought about.”


Is your desire to be able to bring your husband home to work, to be your own boss, or even retire early?  Is your desire about putting your family first instead of being a slave to the 9 to 5?  “We love a simpler pace of life where relationships are much more important than productivity and to-do lists (pg. 10).

Knowing your why is most important!


Set Your Goals

Your WHY will determine your goals.  Your WHY will impact your determination and commitment to making money and having influence and impact.  “…if you don’t know where you want to go, how will you know when you’ve gotten there?  If you don’t live with purposeful intention, aimlessness will be the default” (pg. 57).

Times will get tough.  Excitement will wane and determination will falter.  If you do not understand or even have a WHY, there will be nothing to pull you back up.  “Enthusiasm, excitement, and determination won’t get you anywhere if you don’t know where you are going” (pg. 71).  Your why sets your sights on the prize, the goals are your road map to get there!  Your WHY is your destination.

Goals pave the way to success.  Goals give you direction when you ask “What’s next?”  Goals give you focus and something to check off.  Money Making Mom book “…encourages women with practical ways they can increase their income, multiply their impact, and not lose their joy in the process” (pg. 72).  I believe that last part is critical!  We still have to live our life and raise our children.  Our children aren’t going to stop growing just because we have decided to chase after a dream!  Ursela LeGuin said, “It’s good to have an end to journey towards, but it’s the journey that matters in the end.”


Will it Serve a Purpose

Will your business serve a purpose?  Will your business keep the lights on and food in the fridge?  Will your business allow you to finally go on a family vacation?

Will your business allow you to help others?  “…We are destined to be stewards, wise managers of not just our money but also our time, our values, and our priorities” (pg. 164).

Will your business fill a need? “You have a unique perspective, experience and insight that can bless and impact others in a way that someone else with a different story might not be able to” (pg. 160).

Will your business add value? “The value that your life can provide to others and the impact you can make on other’s lives is phenomenal-even if it seems as though you don’t have a lot to offer” (pg. 199).

Will your business change the world?  “Because there is only one you, and the world needs what you have to offer” (pg. 21).  “Don’t buy into the belief that says you don’t have anything to offer.  You are the only you in existence.  The world needs your story.  The world needs your gifts.  The world needs you.  May your life be a force that channels change in the world” (pg. 217).


So figure out your why.  Maybe you just need to focus on your kids right now, maybe you need to make money, but figure out a why.  Then set your goals and start working while making sure you are living out your purpose for this season of life.  Life is always changing.  If this isn’t a season for making money, maybe the next season is.  This is different for every person and only you can discern what it is.  Ask God for guidance and do His will.  Stay put and be grateful, live in the moments that soon you will miss and enjoy the fulfillment of raising a family.  Or work hard and go after it, but whatever it is, do it with purpose, do it with passion and do it with full intention.


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