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When I taught colors I would take at least thirteen days to teach them!  I would start with an introduction, then spend one day on each of the following colors: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, black, brown, pink, purple, and white, then we would do an art project, and then take a day to review!  I would start each lesson by playing a song , teaching them the color word in American Sign Language and Spanish, and then I would read a book.  If we were on a color day we would discuss things that are usually that color and I would make a list, drawing a picture and then writing the name of the object next to it.  I would then call the students individually and they would need to find something in the room that was that color before I would give them their Color book! (I made these books with clip art, made a page for each color, included the color name in English and Spanish on the page)  They would go to their seats, choose something off of the list, draw it and label it.  When they were done with their book, I would check it and then hand them a piece of construction paper that had an image on it.  They would color the image the color we were learning about and then cut the image out.  I would sometimes collect these images and make a mobile for each child with all of their images.


  • go on a color scavenger hunt: group children into pairs and give each pair a camera, call out a color and the students would need to find something that color and take a picture of it
  • color with sidewalk chalk
  • have the children wear clothes that are the color of the day
  • graph favorite colors
  • play I Spy
  • play Candyland

Here are some resources I like to use while teaching these lessons:

another Spanish Language resource here

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