All measurements are approximate, I usually don’t measure things out!

1 small to medium onion, chopped (I usually just use frozen chopped onion and put in as much as I feel like)

2 TBS butter

chopped ham

chopped veggies (I usually use chopped, frozen broccoli, or frozen spinach, and/or chopped mushrooms)

shredded cheese (I use Colby-jack, about 3 heaping handfuls)

2 TBS flour

Nature’s Seasoning (salt & pepper)


Herbes de Provence

8-12 eggs



preheat oven to 350

melt butter and cook onions in an oven safe pan on top of the stove until the onions are just starting to brown over medium heat

in a bowl mix together ham, veggies, eggs, Nature’s Seasoning, nutmeg, Herbes de Provence, and milk (I don’t add much milk, maybe 1/4 of a cup, because we like ours really cheesy!)

add cheese and flour to egg mixture and mix

add the egg mixture to the pan and let it cook until the egg around the pan (touching the sides) turns white

place entire pan in the oven (cover the handle with foil) and cook for approximately 45 minutes

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