My Favorite Newborn Items

Here are a list of some of my favorite things to have for newborns and nursing babies!

  • Boppy Pillow
  • Co-Sleeper (this is also easy to tear down and take with you out of town).  We used this instead of a play pen for our first two children! Each one of my children have also used this instead of a crib for the first 6 months of their lives!
  • Baby Swing I don’t know how many times this saved us!  Sometimes our children would sleep in it overnight, it’s the only place that would calm them down!
  • Travel Swing The actual swing that we have is no longer available, but this was a must have for me!  When I was teaching and had to do things at school, I would take this with me.  I would also use it while I was in the shower or cooking!  It is very easy to move to different rooms!  Also easy to take when you travel with baby!
  • Baby Sling Good way to carry a baby, but still have free hands!  I have even used this in public to cover up while nursing.  I remember walking through Sam’s with my first child nursing in the sling.  A complete stranger, walked up and pulled a little bit of the sling down so that she could see my son, she got a little more than she bargained for when she saw that I was nursing (hopefully she learned a lesson!), she commented on how cool the sling was, apologized and quickly walked away!!
  • Motherwear Nursing Clothes
  • Bumbo Baby Seat This came out when I had my second child and it was a life-saver!  He wanted to be “up” and see what was going on way before his body was able to!



What are your favorite newborn items?

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