Quick Tips

Here are a few things that I have learned along the way!

  • Get some regular clothes that are one to two sizes bigger than your pre-pregnancy size.  This way, you have something to wear when you cannot fit into your regular clothes, but are not ready for maternity clothes.  They also come in handy after your baby is born when maternity clothes are too big, but your regular clothes are not comfortable yet!  I did not need other clothes after my first was born, I was lucky and walked out of the hospital with my regular clothes on.  With every pregnancy since, I have used these “bigger” clothes longer!  I keep these clothes with all my other maternity clothing!
  • If someone you know is also having a baby, organize and share items with them!  This will save lots of money and storage space for those cumbersome items that all of my children have LOVED, but just don’t use for that long!  This works the best if your children are/will be at least three months apart!  With my first child, we shared a crib with my sister in-law, then we got pregnant two months apart, so then we bought our own, but it saved us from having to buy one the first time around when we bought all the other items!  Other items that would work well with this are Jumperoos and ExerSaucers!  All of my children have LOVED these items from three to nine months old, but they can be expensive and they are big and hard to store when they are not in that developmental stage!  Sharing these items saves money and space!!
  • Save the plastic bag/container that a mobile comes in, they are great for putting toiletries in when traveling!

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