Hi!  My name is Carolynn and I am a proud mother of five beautiful children.

I have a degree in Elementary Education and minors in Early Childhood and Spanish (although I am losing more and more each day that I do not use it).  I taught preschool for five years before becoming a stay at home mom!

My first child was born in July of 2005, my second child was born in September 2006, my third in June 2008,  my fourth in March of 2010 and my fifth was born in August 2013!

There have been many times that people ask me how I do it and have called me “Super Mom.”  I am by NO means Super Mom (my house is always a mess, I only take showers every other day, and my children watch too much TV, in my opinion ), however, I thought I would write a blog to let everyone know, just how I do what I do!

I would love for this blog to be an inspiration to you and a helpful guide to those living in the real world with children.  I will share with you my successes and my failures, while telling you all about what I have learned on my motherhood journey.  I follow a few blogs and will be referring to them often, but I wanted my blog to be a jumping off point, a place to get ideas from, basic information, and a guide to help you find the answers you are looking for.  I hope you will subscribe to my blog, visit me often, and I hope I can lead you in directions and provide you with tips to make your journey with children easier, happier, and more fun!    As Ursela LeGuin said, “It’s good to have an end to journey towards, but it’s the journey that matters in the end!”


30 to 30 Colors

30 to 30 Holidays

30 to 30 Flowers

30 to 30 Drinks

30 to 30 Adult Beverages

30 to 30 Candy

30 to 30 Fast Food Restaurants

30 to 30 Nice Restaurants

30 to 30 Little Things

30 to 30 Childhood Stories

30 to 30 Me Day

30 to 30 Family Day

30 to 30 Games

30 to 30 Quotes

30 to 30 Things I Don’t Like

30 to 30 Movies

30 to 30 Favorite Characteristics

30 to 30 Least Favorite Characteristics

30 to 30 Cosmetic Fixes

30 to 30 Things I Want to Do

30 to 30 Scents

30 to 30 Random

30 to 30 Places

30 to 30 Actors

30 to 30 TV

30 to 30 Books

30 to 30 Singers

30 to 30 Songs

30 to 30 Food

30 to 30 Stores


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