Coupons: Etiquette

When using coupons, it’s good to keep a few things in mind! Here is the “Coupon Etiquette” I try to uphold:

  1. Do not clear the shelves (unless there is only a couple), save some for the next person to come along! If I do end up taking the last one (or two) I try to tell an employee that they are out!
  2. Try to shop during “non-peak” hours
  3. Have all of your coupons ready to go BEFORE getting in line, no one likes to wait for someone who is searching for a missing coupon. I also try to make sure that I have the correct item for the coupon.
  4. If the person behind you only has a couple of things and you have 20+ coupons, let them go first!
  5. If someone comes up behind you and they have a lot to buy also, just politely mention to them (or ask for forgiveness in advance) that it will take you a little while because you have a lot of coupons!

What coupon etiquette do you try to follow?

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