100_1844Me at my baby shower (with my first).

I do not want this journal to intimidate anyone or only bring out the bad parts of pregnancy.  However, I really want to journal about what I’m going through.  Every pregnancy is different.  I promise, you do forget stuff!  🙂  If you have any questions or concerns, talk to your physician/OBGYN.  Some of the notes/thoughts might seem silly and really unnecessary, but it’s what I was thinking about/feeling at the time.


Noticed I had been moody and started to get nauseous when brushing my teeth with my electric toothbrush.

My husband noticed I was nauseous and we just looked at each other, knew what the other was thinking without saying a word.  We were remembering that two days after we celebrated my husband’s birthday, my monitor said that I had ovulated.  We remember looking at each other on that day and saying “What’s done is done.”

Fast forward a few weeks and I took a test (actually 5 of them, because some of them were expired).  They all had the same result.

Week 4:

Is this for real?  I’m not sure I’m ready for this!

Made my appointment.

Whom and when do we tell?

Are my pregnancy symptoms really there or are they just psychological?

Do we have room at the dinner table?  Room for another bar stool?

How will the child fit in if it’s a girl?  How will Ashlynn feel about losing her “only girl” status?

Remembering when a child at Mom’s Day Out asked me if I was going to have another baby, the day or two after we found out.  Weird, sixth sense!?!  🙂

Started reading Your Pregnancy Week by Week, 7th Edition (Your Pregnancy Series).  Read my review here.

Had a big meltdown over big, crumby mess in bedroom.  God, why?  I can’t do this!  I can’t handle four children, why give me another?

How will we hang the pictures on the wall?

Feeling cold and overwhelmed.

Your Pregnancy Week by Week, 7th Edition (Your Pregnancy Series) 



Week 5:

Smells are driving me crazy.  I went to GNO and the ladies that were sitting next to me ordered wine and the smell was very strong.  Feta cheese (I know some books say not to eat it while you’re pregnant, but it’s my favorite on salads) stunk so bad I couldn’t eat it (it hadn’t spoiled).  I can smell myself and I smell different than normal.

Trying to decide who to tell and when.



Week 6:

very tired

thought process for lunch one day: broccoli cheese soup, fried chicken, City Bytes, Arby’s, french fries, chicken nuggets (I ended up having a salad!)  🙂

tired of feeling nauseous, but starving; I eat and still feel nauseous!  🙁

nose bleeds, let the fun begin!

started having weird dreams (an ex-boyfriend was in it, happens every time I’m pregnant, so weird!)


Week 7:

I have the flu!  🙁  This is awful.  In bed for seven straight days.  Can’t eat hardly anything.  For 4 days all I could get down was water, broth, jello, and cranberry juice.


Week 8:

Food is starting to sound somewhat appetizing.

Taking a shower is a chore and requires a nap afterwards.


Week 9:

Still feeling sick, no energy.  I really need to get back to being a mom, tired all the time.

Neat to see how my kids have reacted differently to me being so sick; one child draws me pictures; one comes in the room, looks at me, smiles, and sometimes will come and give me a hug, my daughter comes in and asks me if I need more water or what I need Daddy to do; my youngest will come and snuggle with me for a few minutes.

ER visit, started to bleed.  Only lasted for a few hours.

Feeling overwhelmed.

Feeling like I got an answer to my question on rather or not I want more kids.  Feeling of being done, last pregnancy.


Week 10:

I can finally do 1-2 things before needing to rest.  I’m so far behind on housework!  Kids are watching far too much TV!


Usually don’t feel like eating, but I feel better when I do.


 Week 11:

Pizza has sounded really good.

Cheese sticks are my new best friend!

Kids are still watching too much TV.

House is still a mess.

We told the kids and their reaction was the best!  They were very excited.  Gave me a huge sense of relief!

Bleeding again & yeast infection.

I don’t feel like I’m handling this pregnancy well.

Very grateful for those who see a need and fill the need!


 Week 12:

no bleeding!


nose bleeding

can feel the skin on my stomach stretching


Week 13:

craving carbs

able to do some freezer cooking

learning that getting up and moving is hard, but I feel better when I do


Week 14:

hurts to cough or sneeze due to stretching

I really think I felt the baby move even though the books say its too early




Week 15:

nose bleeds


only gained 3 pounds so far

laundry is finally caught up

insatiable, always hungry


Week 16:



may have to get out body pillow to sleep

very tired

for sure felt baby move, most of the time just feel a shift in pressure

bought BellaBand Women’s New Everyday Bellaband, Black, 2

people have started to ask to touch my belly


 Week 17:


I remember reading somewhere in my first pregnancy that a pregnant woman’s body, that is sitting down, is exerting as much energy as someone who is climbing a mountain.

need to eat every few hours

lifted weights and strained stomach muscles

itchy skin

scheduled sonogram; scared for gender results


back discomfort

foot cramps

dry mouth at night


Week 18:


lifted weights


he moved around a lot during the sonogram




Week 19:

sono results: need to see high risk doctor and get another sono: cried so hard; nose bled, took 10+ to get it to stop 

lifted weights

high risk appointment: ended up with an amniocentesis; harder emotionally than physically; the amnio was less painful than getting blood drawn; I said “ow” when the needle was inserted, but the pressure or the baby kicked surprised me but it didn’t hurt too much, it felt like one of my kids came up and punched me the stomach, while waiting to talk to the doctor, I had the overwhelming urge to run to my children and hug them; we ate, picked up the kids and then took a nap

got out my maternity clothes


Week 20:

prelim amnio results= no genetic abnormalities 😉

belly cramps

felt weird this week

saw belly “popping”

hubby saw and felt baby kick


 Week 21: 

not famished this week


final amnio results= no chromosomal abnormalities

bending over=uncomfortable and heartburn

bad gas


Week 22:

bending over is getting harder

bad nose bleeds

not as hungry



Week 23:

had our first ever 3D sonogram; fell in love with him; looks like his brothers

1 kidney appears to have dead tissue the other is still a bit bit, but appears functioning

craving toast with butter and honey

nose bleeds

foot cramps

not as hungry


sitting on couch; sharp pain, couldn’t move, tears in my eyes, had to focus on breathing


Week 24:

foot cramps

chest touches belly when bending over

nose bleeds

not as hungry


 Week 25:

Husband is amazed how active the baby is, it feels like he’s training to be a corkscrew diver.

foot cramps

very uncomfortable pressure when he’s in certain positions

bad nose bleeds


Week 26:

not as hungry

nose bleed improvement

my daughter is obsessed with kissing my belly

gained about 20 pounds from when I was sick


Week 27:

had to take off wedding ring, it was getting too tight


not able to eat much at one sitting, but I feel hungry every three hours or so


Week 28:

ankles are sometimes swollen at the end of the day

did FitMama workout

noticed that when I suddenly feel tired that I really need to eat




Week 29:

signs of milk coming in

heart burn

baby had hiccups

his movements/pressure are starting to get uncomfortable


Week 30:

he found my sciatic nerve a couple of times this week

very active


nose bleeds


 Week 31:


itchy skin

skin stretching=uncomfortable



Week 32:

heartburn is making it hard to get and stay asleep

all over pressure

minimal patience


Week 33:

felt weird the past couple of days

foot cramps

craving cereal

minimal patience


Week 34:

thoughts of labor are starting to scare me

nasal congestion and big baby=very hard to breathe

rotating pressure- Braxton Hicks


Week 35:

frequent BMs

pressure down low especially at night


Week 36:

going to the bathroom all the time

emotional: crying b/c of discomfort, but really not in pain

feet are extremely swollen

smell different (B.O.)

maybe dilated to a 1 and 50% effaced


Week 37:

bottom is always achy

very painful contractions

already feeling like I can’t do this

thinking everyday is one day closer


Week 38:

crazy “witchy” (but with a B)

no patience, littlest things send me into a range or sobbing fit

peeing every 10-20 minutes it seems

will this be the last time we sit down as a family of 6

will this be the last time I snuggle my 3 year old as the baby

dilated to a full two and very effaced

wanting to be able to hug w/o a belly in the way

want to feel womanly or sexy again

feeling like he’s never coming out

feeling desperate: walking like crazy; did Just Dance for an hour; sex








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