Kids’ Christmas Tree

green construction paper
brown construction paper
yellow construction paper
decorative or other colored paper

Optional materials:
punches: big star, big square, small circle
small pictures


  1. trace child’s hand onto green construction paper (can do with fingers together or apart)
  2. cut out hands (will need a total of 10 hands)
  3. arrange hands into a tree/triangle shape (put 4 on the bottom row, 3 on the next row above, 2 on the next row above, and 1 at the top, all with the fingers pointing down)
  4. glue the hands together on the sides of the hands
  5. cut out or punch a star for the top in yellow paper and glue to the top of the tree
  6. cut out or punch a brown square and glue to the bottom of the tree
  7. decorate your tree with decorative paper, pictures, sequins, markers, etc

I used to do these for Christmas presents for my students’ parents for Christmas. You may also place presents under the tree if you’d like and sometimes I even cut out pictures in squares or rectangles and made them presents as well! The presents are really cute if you can find tiny bows to put on top!

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