3-2-1 Box


  • paper
  • adhesive
  • stamp(s)
  • ink/markers
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • scoring blade
  • rectangular hole punch

optional items:

  • tag punches
  • colored paper


  1. cut your paper to be 8.5 x 6
  2. if you are NOT using patterned paper, stamp your paper randomly
  3. score the bottom (long side) at 6 inches
  4. rotate paper and score every 2 inches (6.5; 4.5; 2.5; & 0.5)
  5. cut out the tiny rectangle
  6. cut the scored lines from the bottom up to the first scored line
  7. adhere adhesive to the bottom (smaller rectangles)
  8. form and adhere the bottom rectangles to make into a box/bag shape
  9. close the box at the top, making sure to push the sides
  10. punch out two rectangle openings using the rectangular hole punch
  11. fill your box
  12. put the ribbon through the holes starting in the front
  13. turn the box around and put the ribbon back through but cross the ribbon in the back
  14. give your creation to someone special!!

These are great for any occasion or as a nice little thank you or thinking about you!

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